We have characterized our coatings through wetting, tribological, mechanical and optical evaluations. 

We offer to our clients:

i)Characterization of our coatings atop substrates of their interest, if we have not yet evaluated our coatings atop these substrates,
ii)Characterization of other coatings atop substrates of interests for baseline comparison purposes.

Wetting evaluations
: measurements of static and dynamic contact angles of various liquids (water, oils, perfluorinated oils…) atop different substrates.
Tribological evaluations
: ambient or elevated temperature sliding wear and friction coefficient evaluations in continuous or intermitted sliding contacts.
Mechanical evaluations
: measurements of hardness; measurements of adhesion (interfacial fracture toughness) through quantitative and qualitative evaluations.
Optical evaluations
: optical transmission and reflection measurements, measurements of film thickness (2 nm resolution).

Water drop being deposited atop a superhydrophobic surface

We would be pleased to discuss further the characterization services we can offer to our potential clients.